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Saturday, November 17, 2018
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  • The U.S. bishops as "are shamed by and sorry for the sins and omissions by Catholic priests and Catholic bishops" that have led to sexual abuse and caused great harm to many, said an Aug. 14 statement from the president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and the chairman of its child protection committee.
  • McDonald's near Vatican to give free meals to the poor
    While the controversial opening of a McDonald's near the Vatican may not have all local residents singing, "I'm lovin' it," the popular fast food chain is trying to do its part in the neighborhood by helping the poor and the hungry. 
  • Bishops urge Kenya to beef up security, intelligence after attack
    Kenya’s Catholic bishops, urging citizens to remain united, asked the government to beef up security, especially in all educational institutions, and to address the breakdown in its intelligence system.


  • The causes of what Pope Francis has called the “globalization of indifference” are numerous: material prosperity that leads people to be unaware of the suffering around them, selfishness that causes people to ignore those in need, or a sense of hopelessness that paralyzes action.
  • At Ash Wednesday Mass, Cardinal Wuerl urges solidarity with world’s persecuted Christians

    Making an impassioned plea at the end of his Feb. 18 Ash Wednesday Mass at the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle, Cardinal Donald Wuerl urged the faithful to offer prayers and speak out for Christians being persecuted throughout the world.

  • Some Cuban exiles ‘cautiously hopeful’ about change; others feel betrayed
    Cubans in South Florida reacted with both joy and skepticism to the news that Cuba and the United States would start working toward normalizing relations and ending the economic embargo imposed by the U.S. 54 years ago.

  • Millions could benefit from Obama's new immigration policies

    The meeting room in the middle of Maryland’s most immigrant-dense ZIP code Nov. 20 was full of people who epitomize the problems President Barack Obama is trying to address with executive action.

  • U.S. Catholic health care workers, dioceses respond to Ebola crisis

    Dallas Bishop Kevin J. Farrell said that he followed the teaching of Christ and stepped in to house the fiancee of Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan and three others for several weeks at a diocesan facility when no one else would.

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