Maryland House Speaker Michael Busch (Democrat, District 30A) announced Aug. 2 he intends to introduce legislation establishing a woman’s right to abortion through an amendment to the Maryland State Constitution. If he is able to persuade both the Maryland Senate and House to approve the constitutional amendment, the legislation will appear on the ballot for Maryland voters during the 2020 presidential election.

Jennifer Briemann, the executive director of the Maryland Catholic Conference, released a statement saying this plan “should be of great concern to both Maryland lawmakers and voters.”

“Now is a time when our lawmakers, especially those in leadership positions, should be working to bridge the partisan divide for the betterment of all Maryland citizens. Instead, this unnecessary effort will further drive a dividing wedge through the electorate and divert already limited time and resources from addressing the many critical issues facing our state,” said Briemann. “The plight of working families to provide necessities for their children, the rampant violence on the streets of Baltimore, the opioid crisis that has found its way into every Maryland community, and the dire issues facing our immigrant families – all will suffer because of the misdirected efforts and politically-driven motives fueling this initiative.”

Briemann also noted an increase of pro-life opinions among younger Americans, and said she is disappointed that lawmakers “aren’t seeking more bipartisan ways to channel this generation’s positive energy toward efforts that would improve the lives of all.”

Following the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanagh to the Supreme Court, Speaker Busch is one of several legislators around the country taking measures to ensure that state laws prohibiting abortion would be unable to be passed if the Supreme Court were to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“As the state’s leading advocate for the underserved and vulnerable, regardless of life stage, socioeconomic class, or political affiliation, the Maryland Catholic Conference will work to defeat this proposal and we challenge all those who value the dignity and human rights of each Marylander to do the same,” said Briemann.