Photo courtesy of Gonzaga College High School
Photo courtesy of Gonzaga College High School
During the severe thunderstorms that traveled through the Washington area on April 6, a portion of the roof on St. Aloysius Church, which is attached to Gonzaga College High School in Washington, was blown away.

The church, which has been a part of the Gonzaga community since 1859, used to be a parish of its own, but is now used entirely by the school for liturgies, graduations, weddings of alumni, and other school-related events. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

“It is a very important centerpiece of the school given its history and faith significance,” said Steve Langevin, the director of communications at Gonzaga.

The school received an outpouring of support on Twitter from other schools in the Archdiocese of Washington, offering to pray and sharing the link to the “St. Aloysius Fund”, where the school is asking for donations to raise money to repair the roof.

While there was no inside damage and no one was injured, the damage to the exterior is significant. On April 7, the school had a structural engineer come to assess the damage, and they hope to begin repairs next week. They will continue to post updates on their website about the progress of the work.