Pilgrims from the Archdiocese of Washington were among the estimated 1 million young people who gathered in Kraków’s Blonia Park July 28 to officially welcome Pope Francis to World Youth Day.

They greeted the pope – who arrived at the park in his popemobile – with thunderous applause and cheers.

Jesus Christ is who brings us here together! #USApilgrim #Krakow2016 Amen!! pic.twitter.com/fmyCrvQera — DC Archdiocese (@WashArchdiocese) July 28, 2016

“At last, we are together,” the pope said as Washington area pilgrims and others from around the world shouted their greeting to the Holy Father.

He told those gathered at the park that “mercy has a youthful face,” and promised that “we are going to make this World Youth Day an authentic Jubilee celebration.”

He also told pilgrims that it is Jesus who can offer them a fulfilling life.

“Are you looking for empty thrills in life, or do you want to feel a power that can give you a lasting sense of life and fulfillment? Which one do you want: empty thrills or the power of grace?” Pope Francis asked. He then said, “To find fulfillment, to gain new strength, there is a way. It cannot be sold, it cannot be bought, it is not a thing, nor an object. It is a person: His name is Jesus Christ.”

Pope Francis encouraged the youths to look to Jesus to find a “true passion for life” and to discover “the adventure of mercy.”

“Here we are, Lord! Send us to share your merciful love,” Pope Francis said. “We want to affirm that our lives are fulfilled when they are shaped by mercy, for that is the better part and it will never be taken from us.”

Thousands of @wyd_en pilgrims await the arrival of @Pontifex. In rain, these nuns help #USApilgrim(s) find joy. pic.twitter.com/VU3OPr14XB — Catholic Standard (@CathStandard) July 28, 2016

Pilgrims waited under stormy skies to greet the pope. He told the young people gathered at the park that “Today the Church, and I would add the world, looks to you and wants to learn from you, to be reassured that the Father’s mercy has an ever-youthful face and constantly invites us to be part of His kingdom.”

Upon arriving at the park, the pope was greeted by Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, the archbishop fo Kraków and the former secretary to Saint John Paul II. Young people from Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia greeted the pope with dances and songs.

Thank you for the welcome @wyd_en! We are grateful to be here representing our country! #USApilgrim #Krakow2016 pic.twitter.com/w103bp42R4 — DC Archdiocese (@WashArchdiocese) July 28, 2016

“Nothing is more beautiful than seeing the enthusiasm, dedication, zeal and energy with which so many young people live their lives,” the pope said.

Pope Francis also thanked Saint John Paul II for beginning World Youth Day. “From heaven, he is with us, and he sees all of you: So many young people from such a variety of nations, cultures and languages, but with one goal: that of rejoicing that Jesus is in our midst.”

Later today, Friday, July 29, Pope Francis will visit the Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi death camp in nearby Oswiecim. Washington area pilgrims visited the site earlier this week. Also today, the Holy Father will preside over an evening Way of the Cross at Blonia Park.

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