Dear Friends,

Each year as we approach Thanksgiving, I have the joy of expressing my great gratitude to all of the faithful of this archdiocesan Church for your support and your great generosity.

In keeping with the great Thanksgiving Day tradition, which reminds us of just how good God is and how regularly that goodness touches us through the thoughtfulness and kind deeds of others, I join you in saying thanks first to God and then to one another. In a most particular way, I offer my personal thank you.

This year I thought you might want to know of an extraordinary manifestation of the generosity of the women and men of our archdiocesan Church. Following the hurricane disasters that struck Texas and particularly the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, the Virgin Islands and especially the Diocese of Saint Thomas in the Virgin Islands, and the Archdiocese of San Juan in Puerto Rico, special relief collections were taken up in parishes across the archdiocese. Some $600,000 has been collected, all of which has been distributed to these three dioceses. In forwarding the money, I reminded each of the bishops that the gift was the generous response of our Catholic faithful who also offer their affectionate prayers.

As we celebrate our national day of Thanksgiving, I want you to know how grateful I am personally to you and to all who make possible the spiritual and pastoral ministry, the educational efforts and the social concerns outreach that are such a vibrant and visible part of this great archdiocese. With regularity, you receive requests to support a variety of programs. All of these requests are met with generosity, understanding and support. As we once again prepare for our national holiday, recognizing the goodness of God to all of us, I offer my appreciation, and prayers for you and your families.

With every personal good wish, I am

Faithfully in Christ,

Cardinal Donald Wuerl

Archbishop of Washington