When he begins attending The Catholic University of America in the fall, Thomas Do plans to pursue two things that he loves: God and technology.

Do, who founded the Vocations Club at Bishop McNamara High School in Forestville, hopes to study computer science and theology. He is discerning becoming a Holy Cross priest or a Sacred Heart priest, but hopes to work with technology while potentially pursuing a vocation to religious life.

Through the Vocations Club, Do said he tries “to help students and myself understand God’s will for their lives.”

Do has volunteered at a nursing home, which he said “stretched my comfort zone a little” by putting him in a new environment. He serves as a lector and Eucharistic Minister at St. Philip the Apostle in Camp Springs, and also volunteers with the youth group at Our Lady of Vietnam Parish in Silver Spring.

“I believe in God more than myself,” said Do. “…I believe prayer works, and God will take care of us.”

In addition to his faith-related activities, Do is a member of the National Honor Society, the Mu Alpha Theta Mathematics Honor Society, and the Science National Honor Society. Do also participates in the Fitness Club and the Yoga Club at Bishop McNamara.

“McNamara is my home,” he said. “There is no place like Bishop McNamara.”

Do was awarded the Carson Scholars Award, named after Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Dr. Benjamin S. Carson, Sr., which gives him $1,000 to put toward college. The award recognizes students across the country who consistently demonstrate kindness toward others, dedication to their academics and commitment to their communities. He also received first place in the "Illuminating The Way" service awards by the LaSallian Education Program, earning him the LaSallian Scholarship of $700.

Do is a part of the St. Joseph’s Program at Bishop McNamara, which provides support for students with learning differences. Anne Dillon, the director of the program, said Do is always willing to come to her to ask for help, whether it be about navigating a situation or writing a paper. His ability to listen to feedback has helped him improve in his writing and in his social interactions, she said.

“He is one of those people who totally exemplifies the Holy Cross values,” said Dillon. “His faith is so strong. He always shows it through his words and his deeds.”

Dillon noted that Do is always willing to help out a classmate who is struggling, and is generous in creating study guides for everyone to use.

“What I absolutely love about working with Thomas is that he is probably one of the most caring and thoughtful individuals,” said Dillon. “Thomas is someone who will always help out a classmate.”

Do said he cherishes the friendships he has made at the school, where “everyone is nice and living up to the Holy Cross tradition.” He will miss his friends, teachers, and the wider McNamara community, but he knows that God will be with him on the next step of his journey.

“I feel that Jesus is with me and guiding me,” he said. “God has taken care of me throughout my time here.”