Kierstin Miller, a straight-A student who graduates this year from the eighth-grade at St. Peter School in Waldorf, accomplished what she set out to do when she first entered the school in the fourth grade.

“I set out to be a straight-A student,” she said. “It was pretty difficult at first, but it gets easier when you put effort into it.”

Her straight-A status, she said, has not been a source of envy by her classmates.

“We really don’t compete,” Kierstin said. “We all try to encourage each other and make each other to be the best version of themselves.”

Kierstin counts among her most liked subjects the study of literature. “It was interesting learning about different authors and their histories,” she said, adding that the writers of the Harlem Renaissance are particular favorites of hers.

She said she wanted to attend St. Peter’s “because I like the environment. It is more intimate than public school, and I have more one-on-one time with my teachers.”

“When I came here in the fourth grade, I saw that the level of work became higher,” she said. “I knew I had to do good work to get into a good high school. You have to put in the work for a solid future.”

A fan of classical music and a talented clarinetist, Kierstin has been a member of St. Peter’s band for the four years she has attended the school. Outside of school, she is active in the Girl Scouts and 4-H. Her hobbies include painting and graphic design, and she aims to one day work as an animator in the film industry.

The daughter of Becky and Kory Miller of Waldorf, Kierstin was recently awarded a Moreau Merit Scholarship to attend Bishop McNamara High School in Forestville. The scholarship will pay 25 percent of Kierstin’s tuition for her four years at McNamara.

As she leaves St. Peter’s School and prepares for her high school years, Kierstin said, “I look at this as another step on the way to college and another step to self discovery.”