I am still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that the U.S. Senate has failed to advance a proposed measure that would have required doctors to provide medical attention to babies born alive after surviving an abortion attempt.

After lawmakers voted not to proceed with the “Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act,” Kansas City Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann, chairman of the U.S. bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities, said it was "unconscionable" that lawmakers would not "unanimously declare to the nation that infanticide is objectively wrong."

"No newborn should be left to suffer or die without medical care. It is barbaric and merciless to leave these vulnerable infants without any care or rights," he said.

Pro-lifers such as myself see this as part of the almost constant drumbeat against life. Attacks on the culture of life are wrapped up really pretty and sold to us as “choice.”

This failure to protect babies shows abortion advocates for who and what they really are and what their idea of “choice” really is. For decades now it has been drilled into our psyches that “freedom of choice” is the ultimate ideal. It is not as important what you choose – to kill your baby or not – as long as you are free to have a choice.

It is natural as believing and practicing Catholics that we would be horrified by this action – or inaction – of our elected leaders. The Church is a tireless defender of life from conception to natural death.

Consider this: There are laws that govern how we treat death row inmates, prisoners of war, and even dogs. But there are no laws about how to treat a baby born after a botched abortion attempt. How these newborns are treated (or not treated) would put a pet owner in jail if he did the same with his cat or dog.

We have to register our horror and disgust and rejection of this. Anything less, and we are all to blame for the lowering of the bar of society’s sense of morality and decency and righteousness.