The commercial linked below illustrates an important principle about side effects. When faced with a problem, we often wish for an easy cure, one without any personal costs or side effects. However, in general, the bigger the problem, the more drastic the cure and the larger the side effects.

In my experiences with deliverance ministry and pastoral counseling, I have found that many people are desperate for a solution. They are hoping without hope that a few prayers will drive away the demons or problems and everything will be fine again.

Most people want relief, not healing—but healing is hard work and true deliverance often requires making significant changes. Some of the uncomfortable “side effects” can be having to confront past sins and traumas. Relief is cheap but often temporary. Healing is costly, but it brings about more lasting effects.

Enjoy this zany commercial. I got a particular kick out of the ending, when the pets reap a bountiful harvest as a side effect of the family’s unusual stress reduction technique.