Have you ever wondered what some of the crazy things we do look like to outsiders like our pets? The video below shows a possible scenario. Frankly, we humans do a lot of absurd stuff. The video below features some rituals related to the Super Bowl.

Every now and again it's good to laugh at some of the things we do and to realize that context is important.

As the cats observe the Super Bowl rituals (some of which are silly, some stupid, and some harmful) what they really lack is context. They don't understand fun and just being goofy. They're only cats; they don't have intellects and cannot appreciate humor, friendly competition, and just being silly.

On freaky Friday I like to show a commercial or cartoon that is lighter fare.

On a more serious note, though, many laugh at our Catholic rituals and traditions because they lack context and understanding. A commercial like this reminds all of us how important understanding and context are. Without them, many who criticize our faith show more about what they lack than what we do.