Vincent Dubois, the award-winning organist at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, will play a concert at St. Ann Catholic Church in Northwest Washington on Tuesday, March 26 at 7 p.m. in honor of the Church’s 150th anniversary. St. Ann’s organ has been played by world-renowned organists John Scott, Thomas Murray, Jane Parker-Smith and Ken Cowan, and is considered one of Washington’s finest organs.

Dubois is the youngest of three titular organists at Notre Dame Cathedral, in Paris, France.

This will be Dubois’s second time playing St. Ann’s organ.

“He remembers it well and is looking forward to playing at St. Ann’s again,” said John McElliott, president of Karen McFarlane Artists, Inc., of which Dubois is a member. “The organ’s been updated and changed, so that’ll be fun for him to see. Vincent has been, since the early days, a bright light, and it was very clear that he was going to have a huge career. He is big in the organ world.” 

St. Ann’s Létourneau Organ, installed in 1999, was recently enhanced tonally and restored in 2018.

Director of Music at the Church, Bob Bright said Dubois last played the organ at St. Ann in 2008, when he had not yet been appointed titular organist at Notre Dame.

Bright said being appointed titular organist at Notre Dame is considered a high and coveted honor, and that is what makes Dubois’s concert all the more special.

“We had to invite him back,” Bright said. “He was superb in 2008 and played everything from memory, and he’s now refined his craft beyond anyone’s wildest expectations.”

To enhance viewing, attendees will be able to watch him closely on a large, projected screen in the front of the Church.

A champagne reception will follow the concert with a freewill offering.

In celebration of St. Ann Catholic Church’s 150th parish anniversary, additional organ concerts will be offered by other artists on April 28 and Nov. 17.