Drawings and writings for the January 2021 Junior Saints section of the  Catholic Standard website are being sought. 

In January, we will celebrate Catholic Schools Week. For the January 2021 Junior Saints, students are invited to draw a picture of how they continued learning during the pandemic at their Catholic school or at home, and students are invited to write about how their faith helped them during this time.

It would also be great to receive drawings and writings from students in parish religious education programs, who could draw a picture and write about how they have c0ntinued to learn about their faith during the pandemic.

Entries are due by Jan. 14, 2021 and should be emailed to the Catholic Standard's editor, Mark Zimmermann, to his email address at [email protected] .

Entries should include the student's name printed clearly, and also list the student's grade and school or parish. 

Selected drawings and writings will appear on the Catholic Standard's website in the Junior Saints section, and may appear in the Catholic Standard's Jan. 21 Catholic Schools Week section.