On Good Friday, we remember the day that Jesus was crucified and died. On His way to Golgotha, the place where He was crucified, He carried the heavy cross as people mocked Him and hurt Him.

“Easter reminds [us] of how Jesus suffered and died for us. Knowing this makes me feel like I can do anything.” -- Veronica Carter, seventh grade, St. Bartholomew School, Bethesda, Maryland 

Some people, like Simon of Cyrene, helped Jesus along the way. Simon helped Jesus carry His cross after He had fallen.

“Easter is a special time because Jesus died on the cross. At Easter time we fast and do almsgiving. And after three hours, Jesus died for salvation of mankind.” -Will Cooley, fourth grade, Blessed Sacrament School, Washington, D.C.
Kaitlyn Truss, eighth grade, St. Mary's School, Bryantown, Maryland

When He reached Golgotha, Jesus was lifted onto the cross. According the Gospel of Luke, Jesus died around noon and “darkness came over the whole land until three in the afternoon because of an eclipse of the sun” (Luke 23:44).

Audrey Batoon, fifth grade, St. Columba School, Oxon Hill, Maryland
“Easter to me means not only mourning over Jesus' death but celebrating His resurrection and thanking Him for dying to save us from sin.” - Maura, fifth grade, Holy Trinity School, Washington
“Easter means so much to me. Easter means to me that the Lord is risen and we should rejoice. Christ rose so He could open the gates of Heaven.” - Kathryn Morin, seventh grade, Holy Redeemer School, Kensington, Maryland

On Good Friday, Catholics mourn Jesus's death through fasting and prayer. But unlike the disciples and everyone who witnessed Jesus die, we know the end of the story – that Jesus rose three days later, and that through His death and resurrection, He saved us from our sins and allowed us to be with God after we die.

“Easter celebrates Jesus rising from the dead on the third day. Jesus loved us so much He gave up His life for us. He went through all kinds of pain and suffering for us. So when you get your candy on Easter, don't only think about the Easter Bunny; remember that on Easter Jesus rose from the dead after dying on the cross for our sins.” - Hannah Rison, seventh grade, St. Mary's School, Bryantown, Maryland

Check back on Easter to see drawings of the good news of Jesus's resurrection!