For the month of November, students were asked to create images of their favorite saint and to share what makes that saint special to them. Here are just a few favorite saints shared by students at Saint Pius X Regional School in Bowie.

"I don't have a favorite saint, because I love all of them... They represent such different things and died for such varied causes, I can't just pinpoint one saint." - T. O.
"I admire Saint Bernadette because she had faith in the visions she saw and put her trust in the Mother Mary and God. Even when her own people didn't believe her, she still stuck with her story and what she saw. I see her as a saint to think about if I ever doubt my faith in God." - Jordyn C.
"Josephine Bakhita is my favorite saint because she is strong, brave and she takes risk. She shows girls how to be strong and how to stand up for themselves and for others." - Olivia C.

"I chose Saint Nicholas because he gave money, cloths, food and much more to those that were less fortunate than he was. I also think that he is a great example for those that want to help people that need help!" - Benny L.B.
"My favorite saint is Saint Michael because he is the protector of police. He doesn't just protect law enforcement he also protects people that are in need of protecting. The reason I like St. Michael is because my dad is a police officer and when my dad is protecting people St. Michael is protecting my dad." - Blake T.
"My favorite saint is Saint Rosa de Lima because of her beauty and her love to God." - Sharllett M.
"St. Dymphna is my favorite saint... I admire her courage and kindness. After her mother died her father missed her so much he became insane. He decided he wanted to marry Dymphna and when she refused he killed her. Many miracles have occurred at the shrine built in her honor."
"My favorite saint is Saint Teresa because she is very loving, caring and compassionate towards others. She gave her everything to God and others, even though she didn't have much... I aspire to be like her and to always love and care for others." - Erica H.
"My favorite saint is Saint Moses, the Black because he proved that it is never too late to change your ways." - Julia C.
"My favorite saint is St. John Paul II because he stayed true to his faith during a time of evil and hatred, the Holocaust. Even though the people around him wanted...him to fight, he became a priest and eventually a bishop. This is very inspiring because he was risking his life for the glory of God." - Casey M.
"My favorite saint is St. Francis of Assisi because he is the lover of animals and I too love animals... I am eager to continue to love and pray to Francis and God all of my life." - Ava R.
"My favorite saint is St. Mary. I look up to her because when Gabriel, the archangel, came to her and asked for her to be the mother of God, she could of said "no," by she said yes. This inspires me to try my best to say yes to all that God asks me to do." - Gabriela M.