Students from St. Bartholomew School in Bethesda, Maryland, have resolved to spend more time with family, in prayer and serving others this Lent, while spending less time in front of screens. Here are a few selections from their submissions to the March Junior Saints:

"For 2019 Lent, I am going to spend more time with my family, and I am going to pray every night before I go to bed." - Caitlin Federowicz, fifth grade
"This year for Lent, I want to pray a rosary daily. I want to do this because it will further and deepen my relationship with God. This is especially important to me as I prepare for Confirmation." - Caitlin McLearn, eighth grade
"For Lent I will be cutting my screen time in half because I think I spend too much time looking at screens and don't spend time being with others." - Sofia Delgado, sixth grade
"For Lent I am going to work extra hard to care for God's beautiful creation. Since God makes no mistakes, everything was put on this Earth for a reason. As stewards of the Earth, it's our responsibility to take care of it." - Gabi Bautista, sixth grade

"This year for Lent, I'm going to complete 10 hours of service work. Doing service like Jesus helps bring us closer to Him." - Lauren Connelly
"What I will do this Lent is go to Mass more often. I will go every Sunday. It is very important to go to Mass on the Lord's Day. I will do that and continue after Lent, too." - Kvitka Morozov, seventh grade
"For Lent I'm going to avoid buying myself clothes and instead give away my clothes." -Veronica Carter, seventh grade
"For Lent I want to work at a soup kitchen. There are many people who need food every day, but can't afford it or have a home to cook in, so I want to help others get the food they need." - Alessandria Zimmerman, seventh grade
"For Lent, I will give alms to the poor. There are many people who are homeless or cannot support their family that need money. Although a dollar doesn't seem like much, it adds up. Giving alms to the poor will help me come closer to God during the Lent season." -Jackie Federowicz, eighth grade
“This year during Lent, I want to donate more. I will donate to all kinds of shelters; for the homeless, for the elderly, and for animals. I want to donate more because I love to give gifts to people and I want to see people happy.” - Zirka Morozov, seventh grade
“Lent is right around the corner, and this year I am going to pray more every day. Jesus is the center of our lives, and we all should make time for Him because He always makes time for us.” - Angel Bryant, seventh grade

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