On Nov. 1, the Church celebrates the feast of the Solemnity of All Saints, remembering the witness of the holy men and women whose lives reflected a Christian life of holiness perfectly. For the November Junior Saints, students from throughout the Archdiocese of Washington drew pictures and wrote about their favorite saints. 

“My favorite saint is Saint Roch. He is my favorite saint because he cared very much for people who had no caretakers. He went to a leper colony and stayed with them as a helper and caretaker. He stayed with them until he himself developed leprosy, and thus became the patron saint of people with skin diseases," Jim Oster, eighth grade, Our Lady Star of the Sea School, Solomons, Maryland. 
“I like St. Philomena because she was a martyr and died at 13 for her faith. She also was healed by angels when being tortured. She was also a Greek princess which was cool. I love that she is a patron for infants and babies too." Jessica Nguyen, fifth grade, Cardinal Hickey Academy, Owings, Maryland 
“St. Veronica is my favorite saint because she put her life at risk by walking up to Jesus and wiping his face. Her bravery doing that simple act of kindness inspires many all over the world. I aspire to be like St. Veronica because even though she lived a rough early life, she still appreciated every part of it." Kaylana Padre, seventh grade, St. Columba School, Oxon Hill 
“The reason I chose St. Therese of the Child Jesus is because my family is praying a novena for help in hard times and she is becoming my favorite saint." Gaby Blasic, fifth grade, Our Lady of Mercy School, Potomac, Maryland 
“I admire St. Francis of Assisi because he cares about animals and people. I love animals also so we have that in common," Jayla-Skye D. sixth grade, Saint Pius X Regional School, Bowie, Maryland.
“I admire Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta because she helped the dying, sick, and the poor when no one else would. She is a great role-model for us to admire.” - Katherine Nguyen, fourth grade, Saint John the Baptist Catholic School, Silver Spring, Maryland
“I drew St. Clare because she chose to follow the path of Christ throughout her life. After hearing St. Francis preach, she decided to become a nun and serve Jesus. She was also very courageous to fend off attackers with the Blessed Sacrament. I think it was a brave thing to do by taking trust in God like that.” Claire Savery, sixth grade, Cardinal Hickey Academy, Owings, Maryland
“I like St. Francis because he loves animals." Megan Allman, first grade, St. Pius X Regional School, Bowie, Maryland. 
“My saint is St. Valerie or Valeria of Limoges. She was an early Christian martyr who was beheaded. She was also a cephalophore, this means that she carried her head around after she was killed because of a miracle." Valerie Pakaluk, second grade, St. Jerome Academy, Hyattsville, Maryland
“St. Andrew traveled preaching Christianity. I travel as a Christian representing Holy Name Knights of St. John as a cadet. Also my middle name is Andrew." Christian Hafford, eighth grade, Holy Name Church, Washington, D.C.
“This is my favorite saint because St. Francis of Assisi tamed different animals and freed a rabbit from a trap. I admire this saint because he helps animals out and this saint tamed a wolf that hurt animals and people from St. Francis of Assisi's village.” - Kamren Thomas, fourth grade St. Mary's School, Bryantown, Maryland
“St. Pedro Calungsod was a saint who was devoted and was extremely kind. He was a saint that never left a priest's side after being threatened and killed. I admire him because he died for his beliefs and never left a person's side even when being murdered." Megan Montero, eighth grade, St. Columba School, Oxon Hill, Maryland.