For the September Junior Saints, children throughout the Archdiocese of Washington drew themselves on their first days of school. Whether learning from home or in modified classrooms, or both, the students expressed excitement to return to classes.

Maria Morgan, eighth grade, St. Michael's Catholic School, Ridge, Maryland

“I’m most excited to learn how to take notes and how to do algebra. Even though I always saw algebra as hard and impossible if I put my heart and mind in it, I can accomplish anything. I also want to improve my faith and knowledge and truth in Christ.” – Krystal Nkoronye, sixth grade, St. Pius Regional School, Bowie, Maryland 

“I am looking forward to middle school at Mary of Nazareth. I am most excited to learn more math especially pre-Algebra with Mrs. Koutsos." – Inuli Tilakaratne, sixth grade, Mary of Nazareth Catholic School, Darnestown, Maryland
“This school year I am very excited to learn about technology that I can use to help me understand my teachers and classmates better. Then I can connect to them and talk about our summer!" – Alexandra Hughes, sixth grade, St. Bartholomew School, Bethesda, Maryland 

“What I am looking forward to this year is the experience. I am entering middle school and it's a little different this year. I want to embrace the different and dive into this adventure head first!” – Brooke Hughes, sixth grade, St. Bartholomew School 

“This year I am most excited about group projects and to see how STC is gonna get through this virus," – Michael Hernandez, seventh grade, St. Columba School, Oxon Hill 

“Every year I am excited to go back to school. It’s usually because I get to see all of my friends that I missed over the summer. I am always wondering what new things the teachers are going to teach us, but I am usually nervous about how hard it’s going to be," – Callyn Knapp, seventh grade, St. Mary's School, Bryantown 

“I am most excited to learn about new things in all of my classes. From learning a new vocabulary word in Language Arts, to solving real-life word problems and equations in Mathematics and Science. I like to learn about them because they are key to going into the next level of my life, particularly high school and college. Learning new things shape my mind and using the information and knowledge I learn in school, I can succeed in whatever path I choose in the future,” – Arlo Pangilinan, seventh grade, St. Columba School, Oxon Hill

“This year, I am very excited for Confirmation and my final year before high school.” – AnaLucia Obermeier, eighth grade, St. Bartholomew Catholic School
Gavin Smit, sixth grade, St. Columba School, Oxon Hill

"I love to learn! Even thought I am distance learning, I can't wait to get back to school!"  – Maggie Estroninos, second grade, St. Columba School, Oxon Hill 

“Every new school year I have always been excited to learn science. Science is one of my favorite subjects in school.” – Dasia Gumapac, eighth grade, St. Pius X Regional School, Bowie, Maryland

“What I am excited to learn about this year is everything. This year is really different because we have to wear masks all day and everything is so spaced out.”  – Samala Savoy, seventh grade, St. Mary’s School, Bryantown