In response to the government shutdown, Catholic Charities DC's SHARE Food Network announced it would open its doors at noon on Monday, Jan. 21, Martin Luther King Jr. Day to sell fresh and healthy groceries, a la carte, at deep discounts.  

A press release from Catholic Charities noted, “This is a great opportunity for furloughed workers to stretch their dollars at SHARE without application or limitation. Fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, and other staple items will be available for purchase at a significant discount.”

SHARE can also schedule individual distributions, with customizable packages to suit large and small families alike.  Visit for more information.

The SHARE Food Network, located a3222 Hubbard Road

Landover, Maryland, is a sustainable, social enterprise of Catholic Charities that helps anyone save money on nutritious, healthy food.  SHARE is committed to supporting local community groups where all may participate, serve, and lead with dignity. Everyone is welcome to purchase without application, qualification, identification, or documentation. Everyone receives the same, fresh, high-quality food. SHARE accepts organizational or business checks, credit and debit cards, EBT/SNAP benefits, money orders, gift certificates, and cash.

The phone numbers for the SHARE Food Network are (301) 864-3115, or call 
toll free 1-800-21-SHARE.